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  • I have common types of quotes. Is it possible to create templates? Yes. Although Jobcard templates are not the same as the templates you use in Microsoft Office or Libre Office. You are able to create many preset templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to generate a quote.
  • If I change a quote is it possible to review previous revisions? Yes. Jobcard keeps every quote revision.
  • Is it possible to create a service call/job from a quote? Yes. Service Calls/Jobs, Customer Orders and Invoices are created at the click of a button.
  • My Supplier gave me a special deal. Is it possible to store that information with the quote? Yes. Supplier documents can be stored with quote.
  • I need to send documents such as drawings and specifications with my quote. Is this possible? Yes. You are able to attach as many documents as required and they will be emailed with the quote to the client.

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